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Announcements and discussion of CS Dept compute resources.

News and announcements for CS concentrators.

CPTTE 2016 Announcements

Crypto Group Mailing List

Crypto Currency Reading Group

CS 2961k

The course mailing list for CS016 students

students participating in placement into CSCI 0190 in Fall 2017

Hackers at Brown mailing list for organizing events

Announcements about the department's computer systems.

security/robotics/network project

Scivis mailing list

Grad Info

News and announcements for senior concentrators

SignMeUp Announcements

SignMeUp Developers

Departmental Soccer Team

Robotics Computer Science

S-Store feedback

Announcements about the department's computer systems.

Systems Reading Group Mailing List

The Systems Research Group Mailing List

Women in Computer Science (WiCS) coordinators (currently Alberta Devor '19, Dorit Rein '18, Wennie Zhang '19, Miranda Chao '18)

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